Flat-bed Services


Choice Logistics is your premier Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Logistic Expert specializing in professional and efficient flat-bed services. Our team of experts assess the needs of your shipment and provide the necessary equipment and material needed to deliver your shipment, taking into account the transportation of equipment or materials. Our Flatbed Premier Service is ideal for businesses that require a quick turnaround and are on a tight or time sensitive schedule.  Whether your shipment is wide, over length, over-sized, overweight or any combination, Choice Logistics professional team will get your shipment to its destination. 

With a variety of trailer types, Choice Logistics can fulfill all of your flat-bed shipping needs. Whether you need a specific trailer type for a specified shipment size or certain specifications need to be made for loading or unloading, Choice Logistics delivers your shipment safely and on time.

The following are shipped via flatbed and step deck trailers:

  • pipe, steel, metal buildings
  • construction supplies, generators, building materials
  • construction equipment, tanks, industrial machinery and more
  • tractors, transformers, boilers, turbines, cooling towers
  • shipping containers

We have the Right Equipment

At Choice Logistics we have access to several different types and sizes of flatbeds to meet a variety of loading and shipping needs. The professionals at Choice Logistics have years of experience in the logistics industry and understand that although your shipment may take up a smaller volume of space, its weight may require the use of a reinforced flatbed. At Choice Logistics, we assess and evaluate every detail of your shipment, creating a tailored plan that maps out every step of your shipment from point A to point B including loading, shipping, unloading, warehousing and delivering your shipment. At Choice, we have a large inventory of flatbeds at our disposal to meet each one of our client’s needs.

We Know the Rules of the Road

We know that every shipment is unique in that it comes in every shape or size.  That is why at Choice Logistics we understand the intricacies of shipping. Although a shipment may be legal in one state, it could require a special permit in another state.  As flatbed shipping experts, we simplify the process for you, helping you with permits and legal issues so that the arrival of your shipment will not be slowed down. We know that time is money and we want to save you money and save you time. As your premier flatbed company we know the devil is in the details and we’re here to answer all your logistical questions.

We Meet All your Flatbed Service Needs

Choice Logistics specializes in your transportation needs, offering premier flatbed services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. If the weight of your load is too big or too heavy for an open deck or the weight of your load is too big or too heavy for a lift gate, Choice Logistics can provide you with the expertise to meet your flatbed transportation needs. With our expert staff, we will make you a priority and ensure that your goods are delivered safely and in a timely fashion.

Easy and Convenient Access That Makes Your Life Easier

Choice Logistics can get the job done. Sometimes traditional modes of transportation just can’t accommodate all of your shipping needs. Choice Logistics is an expert in shipping sizeable loads like raw materials including metal and steel. In addition, our flatbed trucks are ideal for shipping commercial appliances such as heating and cooling conditioning units as well as construction materials. At Choice Logistics, we make it easy to load electrical transformers or any type of equipment used for fuel or gas. We also simplify the process of crane unloading, side loading or when a loading dock is unavailable providing easy access and seamless execution.