Choice Logistics is your premier Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Logistic Expert specializing in professional and efficient flat-bed services.

Choice Logistics is your number one “hot shot” trucking or expedited shipping service in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Choice Logistics is a full service provider of warehouse and fulfillment solutions. With a wide network of warehousing and distribution...


Outweighing The Competition


Our Drivers Have Skills

Our experienced flatbed truck drivers are the best in the business. They can maneuver large flatbeds in and out of even the tightest spots in New York City and in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Our qualified and experienced drivers are exceptional with this skill and go to places where other drivers are reluctant to go. Each of our drivers have excellent driving records and adhere to all safety requirements and maintain a high level of professionalism. They always treat each clients’ goods with care and consistently make all pick-ups and deliveries on-time.


Honest & Dependable

At Choice Logistics we always put our customers first. With honest and dependable service, we make our customers our priority and do our very best to exceed expectations. Our dependable and experienced drivers can cover thousands of miles in a very short period of time and our advanced systems allow us to ensure that your load arrives on time and unharmed. Our advanced delivery schedule lets you know when and where your load is located at all times. At Choice, we monitor each shipment because it is important to us.


Safety First

At Choice Logistics, safety is our number one priority. As qualified flatbed shippers we never cut corners. We make educated and well informed decisions about which method and mode of transportation works the best to ensure that your load arrives at its destination without damage and in the same condition as when it was loaded onto the truck. Each of our loads is assessed and secured safely to ensure that we meet any and every shipping need. Our drivers follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for securing specific types of commodities and specific guidelines for securement of logs, dressed lumber, metal coils, paper rolls, concrete pipes, intermodal containers, automobiles, light trucks/vans, heavy vehicles, equipment, machinery, flattened/crushed vehicles, roll-on/roll-off containers, and large boulders.


Experience You Can Trust

Our qualified staff are proven leaders and experts in every aspect of flatbed freight and the flatbed trucking industry. Whether you need a “skateboard” flatbed to transport heavy metal or a “low boy” flatbed for bulldozers or industrial equipment, Choice Logistics has you covered. Choice Logistics has trained and skilled permit provides on hand, for your oversize, overweight or wide load shipment. We also can provide forklift service to load or unload your flatbed freight. Additionally, Choice Logistics is able to provide extra protection where most of our drivers carry tarps on their air ride trailers to meet your needs.